Martin Group

Fighting Bacterial Virulence: The Search For New Antimicrobial Drugs

The Martin Group is investigating the inhbition of virulence in pathogenic bacteria by targeting the perisplasmic oxidative folding, particularly the Dsb proteins. Data suggests that the inhibition of virulence could lead to diminished drug resistance and prevent side effects. 

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Membrane Proteins in the Innate Immune System

The Martin Group aims to:

1. Determine the crystal structure of the natural resistance-associated macrophage protein (NRAMP)
2. Determine the crystal structure of zinc transporters from human macrophages.

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SNARE Proteins and Diabetes

The Martin Group aims to investigate how the SNARE complex is regulated and its role in the membrane fusion mechanism. A better understanding of this crucial step in cellular trafficking should lead to a deeper insight in the origin of diseases such as diabetes and subsequently help to their treatment.

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             All these research projects are funded by ARC and NHMRC fellowships