Martin Group

Dec 7th 2016

This week we are packing up the lab for our move to the Eskitis Institute at Griffith University! Follow our progress on Twitter with the hastag #martinlabmove 

Sept 9th 2016

Today we visited the Eskitis Institute at Griffith University in preparation for the lab move at the end of the year and said goodbye to our Masters student Guillaume! 

June 27th 2016

The Martin lab is moving to the Eskitis Institute at Griffith University at the end of the year! We have a lot of work ahead of us to prepare for the move and we will be documenting our progress. Here is a photo taken by Roisin after our -80 clean out (#1) earlier this year.

May 30th 2016

Congratulations to the X-Ray Vision trivia team members who won the AIBN v IMB trivia night on the 27th of May! We now have more timers and USB drives than lab members!

May 4th 2016

We have a new student in the lab... Guillaume Petit from the ETH will be working with us for a few months this year to complete some work for his Masters thesis!

March 1st 2016

Yesterday we celebrated Jenny's new position as Director of the Eskitis Institute at Griffith University with a leap day lab lunch!

February 26th 2016

Welcome back to Dr Maria Halili and welcome to Camila Cotrim, who will both be working on our membrane proteins project!

December 10th 2015

Sadly today was Dr Hassan Choudhury's last day in the Martin lab. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours in the UK and are looking forward to hearing about his new adventures!

October 27th 2015

Today we welcomed our new PhD student Emma Livingstone to the Martin lab! She will be working on the SNARE proteins.

October 8th 2015

Today we had a visit from Pat and her daughter Leah! It was lovely to see them both and great to see that everything is going well.

August 7th 2015

This week our past group member Dr Patricia Walden and her husband welcomed their daughter Leah Sophie into the world! We can't wait to meet her!

July 27th 2015

A big congratulations to our PhD student Emily, who received a UQ University Medal last Friday for her academic achievements in her BSc(Hons)!



June 26th 2015

Sadly, three members of the Martin Group are leaving us at the end of this month:

* Dr Patricia Walden, who undertook her PhD in this lab and is a current postdoc, is taking parental leave to care for her soon-to-be extended family.

* Eunice Poon is finishing her Masters degree.

* Dr Wilko Duprez, who also completed his PhD in the Martin Lab, is moving towards new horizons starting a Masters program in Science Communication and journalism at the Imperial College London.

We wish them luck in their endeavours and future adventures and look forward to keeping in touch!

April 7th 2015

Welcome to our new PhD student Emily Furlong! She will be working on the characterisation of membrane proteins.