Martin Group


Below are the personal qualities we value in Martin lab team members:

creativity     critical thinking    resilience    motivation   persistence    curiosity    endurance   reliability     enthusiasm    empathy   self-awareness   self-discipline    leadership    civic-mindedness    courage  compassion    integrity   resourcefulness    sense of beauty      sense of wonder     honesty    generosity    humour     humility      kindness   consideration    authenticity    care    helpfulness    respect    positivity    team spirit    communication skills   cheerfulness    passion for science

(Collated by US education policy researcher, Gerald Bracey with a few extra added from Martin lab members)

We expect everyone to be treated - and to treat others - fairly and respectfully, and therefore we do not tolerate sexism, racism, homophobia, bullying or intimidation.

We also highly value those who cook or bake for lab events.


From left to right - The Synchrotron Cake (by Hassanul based on the Australian Synchrotron), the Photo 51 Lime Pie (by Wilko based on the famous Photo 51 from the lab of Rosalind Franklin) and a selection of various Crystal Cupcakes (from a team workshop based on various representation of scientific work).